Old Town La Quinta

How can a city that incorporated in 1982 have a section known as “old town”? It is possible when you consider the town of La Quinta in Southern California. What is now the official City of La Quinta was once land held by the Cahuilla Indians, who still exist in the modern era too.

Old Town La Quinta Offers Restaurants, Boutiques, Cafes, Shops, Outdoor Concerts, Art Shows, Seasonal Activities And A Weekly Farmer's Market.

The natives had already named the area the “Land of the Eternal Sun,” and even used basic wells to gather the water that had flooded the valley when the Colorado River had experienced a major change in its pattern and path, by the time the area earned the name “La Quinta”. This came from an explorer who used the area as his fifth or “quinta” stop on his journey from Mexico. Even then, the resources in the region were garnering a lot of attention, and though this means that it was a very appealing area because it was conducive to farming and habitation, it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that people began to really pay attention to the Coachella Valley.

Shopping Comes Natural At Old Town La Quinta.

Though train service began in the 1870s, due to the need to transport all of the farm goods being raised in the fertile conditions, it wasn’t until the 1920s that people began coming to the area to enjoy the beauty of the environment. It was in 1926 that a businessman by the name of Walter Morgan built the La Quinta Hotel and began attracting the attention of Hollywood’s first group of celebrities. The popularity of the place grew so quickly that the hotel was soon expanded and renamed the La Quinta Resort & Club. During this same time, the first of the many golf courses began to appear throughout the countryside too.

From that time onward, there has been a persistent interest in La Quinta and its growth has continued at a very manageable and healthy pace. Today, it is home to some of the world’s premier golf courses, exclusive country clubs and golf communities as well.

To balance things out, the city developed the Main Street area into the incredibly impressive and appealing “Old Town La Quinta” area. This comprises several blocks along the center of the town and features restaurants, boutiques, shops, and cafes. There are also many community events held in the Old Town area as well, including outdoor movies nights, concerts, seasonal activities, an organic farmer’s market, and even art shows and displays too.

"Art Under The Umbrellas" Shows Are Popular Events.

The Farmer's Market Is Open During "Season".

The buildings in this area are available for traditional business usage and have been designed to emulate the old world architecture and materials that would have been used if the city really did begin to develop as far back as the late 1700s.

Visitors to Old Town La Quinta will find everything from a large central lawn and park to the local coffee shops, artisan studios, antique stores, public art installations, and dining establishments that can make for a very relaxing and delightful day. There is ample parking and many of the resort properties provide transportation to this popular local destination and community venue.

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